Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A new dress

I finally felt a little better, so I worked no daughter #1'a dress for Halloween.  Originally she needed it for Thanksgiving, schools having a Middle Ages Feast. (?) 
I still need to add little beads around the neck and rick rack.  She said their wasn't enough sparkle!  This is a close-up of the lacing on the back.  The pattern called for eyelets.  But I couldn't get them to go through the fabric without crumpling, so I made buttonholes (9  on each side!).

The belt won't stay up, she has no hips. (Nice problem to have!)  I still need to make the pointy hat.  I'll do that next week.

happy quilting


Sand and Sunshine said...

It looks great and your button hole idea was right on target. This way everything will stay nice and flat and look amazing. As for the hips maybe elastic inside on the underside of the belt? Even if you do nothing it's still a great costume, kudos to you.

Cheryll said...

Looks like mum to the rescue again! Nice job too! :)