Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Post cards...

My wrist is better.  Although I sewed last night and today, so now I hurt ;(
QA magazine is having a contest called "Staycation".  Kind of like the old first day of school speech on what you did this summer- except in fabric.

I spend most at my time with the girls at swim practice and swim meets.  They have plans to be in the Olympics in a few years.  We shall see ;)

So I took a picture of them at practice:
Aren't they cute!
Anyway, I used stiff stuff interfacing as the base.  I couldn't use my scissors much or the rotary cutter so I ripped small strips of blue fabric, layered them on and then cut the shapes for the girls.  I added dyed blue cheese cloth for texture.  I quilted it all and then added white, silver, and clear beads for sparkle.  After all, water sparkles.  This is a terrible photo of the finished postcard.
The real thing looks great.  Since the postcards will not be returned....I made another one for me.
I changed the colors some and made the card a little larger than an actual postcard.  I won't be mailing them so I added a screened back for the 'back'- a shark the mascot for our swim team.

They were a lot of fun to make and I might have to make more.  I hope the post office doesn't shred them before they make it to the magazine!

Happy quilting

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Cheryll said...

Oh Caren... you are so talented!
Love your girls swimming postcard.
Take care of that wrist too! :)