Friday, June 24, 2011

New edition to the family....?

This is just a brief post.  We have a new edition to the family...
OK.. I need a better picture.  But you get the idea.  The girls went for a walk with Daddy and came home with a stray kitten.  They have named it Stripes!  Cowboy is not happy with this new development.

On the sewing front, I finally just did it.  I started my doll.  It was easier than I thought.  Although the hands were impossible to stuff and look quite manly!  I think the hard part will be the face.  What do you think.

I think she will be a nice blue green color.
Happy Quilting


Cheryl said...

AWW! Love Stripes!! So cute!

Angela said...

Stripes is so cute. Your doll is looking great!